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NEC Laboratoies China (NLC)

As the only research laboratories of NEC Group in Greater China region, NLC has been devoted to the innovation of technologies and solutions for social and industrial issues in past 14 years. In year 2017, responding to technology trend and social needs, NLC transoform to concentrate research activities on two important technology areas: AI and 5G network.  NLC will challenge in creation of advanced technologies and applications through cross-labs collaboration with NEC Labs in eight locations around the world and through open innovation with leading universities and partners in China.

The fifth generation (5G) network research

As the expansion of mobile network and the internet of things (IoT), the information and knowledge acquisition, exchange and storage becomes more important for social solutions. The fifth generation (5G) network is expected to identify and develop the technology components needed for successfully supporting massive IoT as well as broadband services, to satisfy both the urgent market needs, and the more long-term requirements set forth by the ITU-R IMT-2020 process. We are working on the new air interface for 5G which is totally different with 4G networks. More specifically, we will provide short transmission delay, unlicensed spectrum access and  beamformed synchronization solutions to impact 5G standard and commercial product.

Data Analytics Research

We are doing technology research on data analytics and optimal control, aim to provide new values to diverse industries such as marketing, manufacturing, transportation, and retail.  One exemplar research project is developing a novel technology to recover the complex system running process by integrated analysis of heterogeneous data and knowledge of domain expert, which is proved to enable the discovery of the key factors of system behavior and lead to better prediction and optimal control in many different applications.

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